11 Best Dressed Dads

Posted on June 10 2019

11 Best Dressed Dads

11 Best Dressed Dads

Once ridiculed, 'dad style' is now seen all over the shop, from SS19 fashion shows to papped celebrity shots. The focus of mens fashion is now heavily reliant on comfort, durability and sustainability, which happen to be things we value highly here at Yogi Footwear. With the rise of 'dad-dressing' becoming the trend of the season, we've pulled together a list of best-dressed dads on social media so you can have plenty of style inspiration.


11. Josh Davis


This guy really has his work cut out for him; Josh Davis, and wife Naomi, have 5 kids under 10-years-old together! It's a wonder how even has time to dress himself, let alone dress himself well. But this (not so) little family are all very stylish in our eyes! You can keep up to date on their adventures by following Naomi's blog.


10. Fashion Dads


Essentially, this Instagram feed is the ultimate guide to dad-dressing non-nos. It hosts a collection of hilarious sent-in photos of dads wearing some really funny outfits. Each photo is paired with an equally funny caption that often feature an oh-so typical dad joke.


9. Will Smith


Perhaps the award for most fashionable family should go to the Smiths? Yes, they probably all have individual stylists, but they have to agree to wear the clothes so that must mean they actually like them?


8. Frederick Lentz Andersen


Frederik is Senior Fashion Director at Euroman & Eurowoman magazine which means he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to choosing outfits. With Danish origin, there's no surprise that his clothes consist of classic styles and colourings and can only be described as cool and casual. He 100% wins the award for coolest dad - he took his daughter to the HOLZWEILER show during Fashion Week scoring him some huge dad points!


7.Mat Durkovich


It has become very evident that husbands with fashionista wives/girlfriends are very stylish themselves, and this is exactly the case for Mat Durkovich. He and his wife, Alanna (known more commonly as @xandervintage), have two adorable children together and their style is to be envied by everyone! If you like neutral tones and classic patterns then Mat is definitely going to be giving you outfit inspiration from now on.


6. Mike Quinones


Narrowly missing out on a top 5 spot is Mike Quinones. He is the father of Micah Quinones (who is equally as fashionable) and husband to actress Amanda Booth. His Instagram account is in a stunning three-grid style and whilst it is mostly dedicated to his son and wife, his effortless style shines through. The married duo are doing wonderful things to raise awareness of down-syndrome and autism through their platform. You can keep up-to-date on their lives by following Life with Micah!


5. Simon Hooper


More commonly known on the internet as Father of Daughters (FOD), Simon has accumulated almost 1 million followers with his hilariously honest take on modern parenthood. He started his Instagram account in 2016 and he has been chronicling his somewhat chaotic life being outnumbered by 4 young daughters and fellow Instafamous wife, Clemmie (aka @mother_of_daughters) ever since. Though he often is seen posting in his dressing gown/pjs his dad-style is not to be overlooked. From animal print jumpers to pale blue suits, he is one pretty stylish guy - though with a fashionista wife like Clemmie it's perfectly understandable!


4. Jamie Day


As a freelancer for GQ, BBC and Vogue, it would be expected that he knows his stuff, and indeed he does. Writing for GQ back in 2016, Jamie explains that the key to nailing dad-style is to not neglect your appearance and adjust your wardrobe rather than completely changing it. Check out his Instagram feed to see how he perfectly balances functionality and fashion.


3. Phil Cohen


Like father, like son has never been so true! We all know planning one outfit is difficult, let alone planning for your kids as well! Phil Cohen absolutely nails this and will show you how to too! His Instagram feed features styled flat lays of his own, and his newborn son Oliver's, outfits for every occasion imaginable. If you're stuck on what to wear, Phil will help you out! 


2. Dualleh Abdulrahman


If you're wondering how to pass down your fashion knowledge to your children, Dualleh is the perfect man to show you how. His perfectly put together outfits as well as his impeccably dressed mini me are the reason why he is so high up on our list! We love his signature relaxed chinos and blazer combo and his clothing altering skills are to be seriously envied! Take a look at his Instagram feed to see what we mean!


1. Cody Andrew


And in first place, the force behind Hello His, and doting husband to fashion blogger Christine Andrew, Cody Andrew knows his stuff when it comes to putting together a stylish ensemble. The couple are expecting their fourth child together, which means he has plenty of years behind him when it comes to perfecting 'dad-style'. His Instagram feed is full of outfit inspiration, styling tidbits and a whole category dedicated to "Dad Stuff".


Though, here at Yogi Footwear, we are not tying to sell you Hawaiian shirts. But we would like you to know that our footwear is famous for its heritage styles, which place emphasis on comfort, sustainability and durability above anything else. 


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[Feature image by: Mike Quinones]


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